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Hosting your WordPress Website

Congratulations! You either just had a website developed for you (hopefully by us) or you are in the process of getting one.

During the development phase and right before launch we might ask you where you will have your website hosted. Most of our clients used to have GoDaddy host their WordPress website, and guess what? We moved about 85% of them to a company called Flywheel. Why? Because GoDaddy had so many hacks, so many of our clients would call us panicked and say my website got hacked, etc.. and we would spend a lot of time troubleshooting, calling GoDaddy, trying to find lines of codes or files that shouldn’t be there, etc… We’ve had enough and had to find a better solution for our clients and also for us. We want to create cool and good websites, we don’t want to spend our time fixing websites that have been hacked!  You need reliable hosting that is fast, secure and safe.

So what and who is Flywheel and why do we think all our WordPress clients should host their site with them:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting: all they do is WordPress. Companies that specialize in WordPress are called “Managed WordPress Hosting” companies and they tune their servers specifically to WordPress and maximize the speed and security.
  • Their website hosting is fast.
  • They do your WordPress upgrades automatically.
  • They provide a nice backup service. Even if your current host does that too, have you actually set it up and then tried to restore? Flywheel makes it very easy to restore to a previous version and will always have your back(up).
  • They are very responsive, they know about WordPress and they talk to you human to human.
  • We can be added as collaborators on your site, so we can easily help if there is a problem, no more pin number or conference call with you and GoDaddy because we are not the main account holders!

The price: $14/month and it includes a free SSL Certificate!

Here is a link to Flywheel: here (if you are a current client please use this link so we can be linked to your account and help you setup).

What about emails, domain names, etc…?

As far as domain name goes, you can really go anywhere, Network Solutions or even GoDaddy can be used.
You can use any service for your emails although we recommend Gmail GSuite for $5/month: see here.

It can seem annoying to have different providers for each item, but trust me, it’s way secure if one of them is down at least the others have no reasons to be affected!



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