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Pro Bono Work Days at Brand Revive

Let’s give you a chance

Ok, so this is something we run into every now and then: great organizations, great small business or family business who are stuck in a Catch 22, or a Bootstrap Paradox, or Schrödinger’s cat (did you Google any of those yet?).  They either don’t have the time, the ressources, skills or money to achieve things that would lead to more “sales” thus actually being able to acquire more time, ressources or skills and so on. See what we did there? Well, if you feel like what you sell or offer is cool enough for the community or life in gerenal that we would want to do it for a fraction of the price or even free fill out the form below and tell us why, pitch it to us! We’ll select winners who will have access to our whole team for the selected Pro Bono Work Days. (Think of graphic designers, web developers, marketers, copywriters, photographers, videographers, etc… we can do A LOT in a day).

PS: 5 Rules & Regulations:

  1. You must be excited about your project
  2. You must be excited about your project
  3. You must be excited about your project
  4. You must be excited about your project
  5. Also you must trust us, we’ll listen to your feedback but ultimately just trust us OK!