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Use WordFence to secure your WordPress Website

Wordfence is a WordPress security plugin. With WordPress being one of the most widely used website builder tools, hackers and others have created many ways to hack and use bots to change content on websites and steal personal information. Or to highjack your domain name and use it for unsavory activities.

As a web developer specializing in WordPress I’ve spent way too long removing malware files and cleaning out sites after they’ve been hacked. Usually it will be from a client who wanted to save money and maintain the site themselves, forgetting to update plugins or theme files or installed a bad plugin.

WordFence is a plugin for WordPress that adds a ton of security and monitoring to your website to keep hackers, and bots out and to notify you of issues as you arise. They monitor login attempts for you and track IP information of people trying to gain access. It is a little scary when you see just how many bots try to gain access to a low traffic small business website.

WordFence has a free version and if you are storing valuable information on your site or have a larger presence you can opt for their pro version.

If you’ve already been hacked contact us today to help clean out your site, if you’re doing it yourself WordFence has some great systems to help you find all the malware and clean out the site after you’ve been hacked.

WordFence is a great tool and you should definitely use it if you are managing your own site.  Click here for the link to the download.

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