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Website Revive

Prepared For:

Kohana Media

Proposal Date: 02/07/2023

Project Goals

To modernize and improve the look and feel of APRÈS Plastic Surgery & Med Spa and improve the load times and infrastructure for Search Engine Optimization. The new site should load fast, look great on mobile and desktop environments and have interactivity and motion built into it.

Solution Summary

We will design/develop your site using the most popular CMS: WordPress. This system will allow you to login to the backend of your website and make edits, create new pages and blog posts, and change imagery. We will use a drag and drop builder tool to allow you to easily make new attractive pages, and changes to current pages without the need to write any code.

Lastly, we will Search Engine Optimize the site to make sure the new site is indexed properly in Google and gets seen by your target audience. 

The Website

Technology Included

We’ve spent 10 years creating custom websites for small and large businesses in WordPress. Our theme has everything you need and nothing you don’t, to give you a solid foundation for any online presence.

Basic Setup
WordPress Installation & Setup on test server
Setup of Brand Revive Theme and Visual Builder Tool
Comprehensive Video Tutorial & Training
Hosting / DNS Audit Setup or Guidance
Favicon & Touch Icon Setup
Google Page Speed and Mobile Score Quality Assurance
Content Migration / SEO
Full Website Content Migration
Website Content Support up to 60 pages
Website Content Audit
Technical SEO Setup w/ Yoast
Social Media & Sharing Optimization
Google Analytics & Search Console Setup & Reporting
Sitemap Submission through Google Search Console
Keyword Report and Content Audit

See our visual builder tool in action.


The following functionality is included in all our websites.

Alert Display an error message.
Code Display code in a preformatted text block.
Countdown Display a countdown timer for a specific date.
Divider Display a horizontal divider.
Form Display a form.
HTML Display custom HTML code.
Icon Display an SVG icon with an optional link.
Image Display an image with an optional link.
Newsletter Display a newsletter signup for Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor.
Overlay Display an image with a content overlay.
Panel Display a panel or a card with text and image.
Quotation Display a quotation.
Text Display plain text.
To Top Display an icon which scrolls back to the top of the page.
Video Display a video file or a YouTube or Vimeo video.
Accordion Display a collapsable list of items.
Button Display one or multiple buttons aligned horizontally.
Description List Display a description list.
Gallery Display multiple Overlay elements within a grid.
Grid Display multiple Panel elements within a grid.
List Display a vertical list.
Map Display a map from Google Maps or OpenStreetMap with markers.
Popover Display an image with markers, which open popovers.
Overlay Slider Display multiple Overlay elements in a slider.
Panel Slider Display multiple Panel elements in a slider.
Slideshow Display an image slideshow.
Social Display icons linking to social media profiles.
Subnav Display a horizontal navigation.
Switcher Display a tabbed navigation which transitions through content slides.
Table Display a table.

Website Design: Custom Theme 6 Page Templates

We will be creating designs for up to 6-page templates and all the pages associated with the blog and blog posts archives. For each designed page we will provide assets (images, icons, videos, illustrations, and other design assets used to highlight the messaging) and use provided assets in order to make the page attractive to site goers. If you don’t have any assets we can leverage stock photography at no additional cost. Total images not to exceed 150.

For each page, we will provide a link for review and then go through 3 rounds of changes on desktop, tablet, and mobile. 

After we’ve finalized all page templates you can use different sections of pages in the builder tool to create an endless amount of page layouts. 

Web Design Questionnaire & Style Assesment
Review provided brand guides
Develop Custom WordPress Theme
Design up to 6 Unique Page Templates
Design up to 30 Page Elements UX/UI
Add Custom Animations and Movement Throughout the site

Project Timeline

This project should take 6 to 8 weeks. The timeline begins once we have all content from you.

Project Budget

Brand Revive Custom WordPress Theme
6 Page Templates / 60 Pages of Content
SEO / Content Migration / Support
Total Cost



* Payment structure will be 50% upfront and final 50% to launch the completed website.

* Please sign the proposal below and make your first deposit. Deposits can be paid by cash, check, or credit/debit card. Once signed you are agreeing to the terms of this proposal.

* All creative files/website files will be released to  Kohana Media along with ownership of the designs once the final payment has been received.