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Product Photography

With the steady increase of consumers purchasing products online, never before has product photography been more important. Let professionals show off your products and add immense credibility to your brand company or service. See our basic pricing below, and fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to talk more or get stared.



Standard White


Our core service, ideal for E-commerce. We shoot clean, crisp photos of your product on a pure white background. Each image is professionally shot and edited in our Las Vegas studio by our experienced staff of trained product photographers under the direction of our creative director.

Lifestyle Shot


What are lifestyle photos? As an alternative to pure white backgrounds, we combine props, textured surfaces, dramatic lighting, stock photography, or a mix of all four to create small customized settings with big visual impact. 

Day Shoot


Most of the times our Day Shoot is the best option. You would be surprised what we can accomplish in a day. If you have 20+ products to shoot, or a few scenes our full day option is ideal for you. We spend 6 hours shooting then provide you a link to the raw shoot and work with you to edit the shots perfectly for your website, social media post or advertisement. 

Popular Add-Ons


Sometimes you’ve found the perfect stock photography shot but you just need to add your product in there. Let us save you the time and money of replicating that scene and just use good ol’ photoshop.


Transparencies adapt to different backgrounds. This service can be added to any white background photo, allowing your images to be used on a variety of backgrounds. Our team manually traces the outer edge of your product to clip it from the native white background. 

Invisible Mannequin

A fitted look, no model required. Using special techniques, apparel can be photographed styled on a mannequin which is then removed in post production creating a hollow appearance commonly called “invisible mannequin” or “hollow man.”

Hand Modeling

An added touch. Great for showing products in use, demonstrating features, and giving a sense of scale, hand modeling can be added to any of our services above.

Our studio staff and assistants will demonstrate your product while our photographers give direction. Your choice of male or female hands.


Let’s Get Started

Fill out the form and let us know as much information about your shoot as possible. Someone on our team will get back to you shortly.