PLEASE use a Spell Checker like Site-Spell

You only have 7 seconds to make a good impression – and that works for websites too – Misspelling is a big NO. Site Spell is an extension to add to your chrome browser – it lets you instantly check the spelling of all content on a web page, including title tags, HTML elements, and hidden items.

We have several types of profiles in our team and partners, and while some are not too worried about spelling because they are doing “bigger things” like custom coding an entire catalog, misspelling the word catalog, for example, makes all the work done look “stupid”. But go explain that to a developer!

Anyway, we use a lot of tools but this one is free and gives you peace of mind because it’s a seamless integration if you already use Chrome!

Oh and last cool thing: Auto-Check:
The auto-check feature allows you to add domains that will be checked automatically for misspellings every time you visit a page. This feature makes it easy to identify spelling errors “as you browse” web sites that you added to the auto-check list.

Here is the link to this beautiful Chrome extension: Site Spell.

Ok – now that I pretended it’s a cool tool I can tell you that it’s really because of my obsession/fascination, or lack thereof, for emails/websites/people who can’t spell – isn’t there anybody in their team whose as annoying as me when it comes to grammar and spelling? How can they let that one out without proofreading any of it! I’ll talk to you about Grammarly soonish then…

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